Homescapes Six best ways to earn coins


Homescape is the latest game. It is actually a quiz game, which is released by playrix games.

It is the latest match three story games by the makers of Gardenscapes.

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In homescapes player earn stars to upgrade their childhood home and purchase new things for the home. So the stars can be considered a currency used to complete tasks.

To upgrade the game the role coins is not negligible, mean to say that for the progress in the game coins are very important.they are applicable in different purposes. Some uses of coins are given below.

  • To buy items boosters
  • Used to buy decoration in the houses.
  • For the continuation of game to buy more lives.

These are used in a scientific way In this article there are many hints and tricks to earn coins .so there is a complete description about all ups downs of the  by analyzing the main points you should be able to pass difficult levels of the game easily .

So there are six best ways are given below to earn coins.

Complete match –three levels

It is the primary way to get coins,so when a player can complete match 3 levels,then he will get success in the the main and important point of the game is that you should complete the match three levels.

Because by this you can easily earn the completing match three levels is very important. When you complete a level then you will receive about 50 cents and as complete the level with a some moves as possible so you will also receive additional bounus coins.

The number of extra coins at the end of a levels is relatives this is infact the basic tricks or hints to get coins. When you finish a stage with extra ,unused turns,and then those turns will be added to the final board as power ups.

For example when you finished level 77 with 11 extra turns that were changed into coins producing power ups. But when everything was cleared, we only received 66 coins. Suppose you’ll get about one to two coins per unspent turns. When finishing a stage on top of the guaranteed 50 coin reward.

Use the stars

To earn more coins in the game in a fastest way the use of the stars is very important. So to complete the tasks use the stars. So in the game the task that Austin housekeeper gives you in the game menu often have to spend a limited amount of stars to complete.

When you completed many tasks which are related to restoration of the statue in the main hall of house, the artist who helped me gave me 50 coins as my contributions to him writing.

These rewards are often displayed in character chats, and if you see message box in the right side of screen then open it and receive it.

Watch videos

In homeescapes ads are not included.playrix games does not contain ads while which only video ads are included,so when you watching this video ,you will receive a little amount of money about 100 cents per video.

Complete an entire day

This is very important tip for getting success in the game. In homeescape the task system is broken down into days, and each day there is a specific topic.

So for achievement complete an entire day. For example one day your task will involve the stairs and the surrounding area, while the other day the task will only involve the raising pets in the house..

So when completed the entire day then you definitely get the more coins in the game.

Purchase outright

Mostly you get free coins it is good but sometimes it’s not enough to get through a difficult period. So then you can buy coins with real money at any time by clicking on the plus symbol next to your coin number.

Sometimes there are also promotions, but these promotional messages usually comes when you enter the game and will be on the right side of the screen .we’ve seen 90 percent discount on coins.

Rotate lucky wheel

Homescapes updated the features of the lucky wheel similar to Gardenscapes with rewards including coins. So keep in mind to spin the lucky wheel every day so that your bag always has money.

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So finally we discuss the six main ways to earn coins .so by concentrating on these one can easily get coins in the game.