How to download a twitch clip


Twitch has a very important place in live streaming content. In this regard youtube also take part to fill this niche, but there is no streaming service that has grown like a twitch in such a short time.

Nearly seven years ago,in july2011 twitch was introduced as gaming.but with the passage of time many new changes are introduced in twitch. Basically twitch is the name of interaction with people mean it is a live streaming in which one can enjoy every thing .However as the time passes twitch included lots of things for their viewers.

So now a days twitch is not a just for gaming ,but it has other categories also.

Lets talk about some twitch categories.

  • Twitch has grown its area and reach to include contents like music,radio shows,etc.
  • Basically twitch has two major categories creative and IRL.
  • Creative this shows actually the creation art work and other projects.
  • While IRL  is actually  in real life which allow users to stream themselves going about their lives.
  • And other important point is in twitch is that there is no offline option

How to download twitch clip.

Now we talk about that how one can download the twitch clip correctly. when we talk about downloading then it comes to knows that there are different methods of downloading in respect of twitch clip.

As they are like with clipper,with google chrome or fire box,but the easiest way to downloading twitch clip is online twitch clip downloader.

There are steps involved so just read all steps carefully and then you definitely able to download the twitch clip.

  1. First of all you go to is an online twitch clip downloader.
  2. After this ,you search the link of clip which you want to download.
  3. And then you should paste the link into the clipr and hit’ get download link.
  4. After this you should select the option click to download to  save your clip.
  5. Now your file will be in MP4 means is that ready to share on youtube,twitter,or elsewhere.


So in last we just say that twitch is a place where you can watch the world best players streams ,your favourite video games etc.It also help to capture many memorable moments which are some times you missed.So download this and enjoy .

Frequently asked question

How long do clips last twitch

So for this users are allowed to capture clip features  in between 5 and 60 seconds of a stream.

Does twitch automatically save clips

When there is streaming to twitch your broadcasts then it can be automatically saved by using the VOD services.however when you want to export highlights or full recordings then you should may notice that some quality loss due to compression etc.