How to download RLcraft


Before we talk about that how to download rlcraft, we first want to discuss that actually what is rlcraft. RLcraft  stand for realism or real life. It is a mod pack for actually enhances Minecraft when it comes to pure survival. RLcraft utility consists of 120 divided mods bundled and tweaked to make a more fantcy world.

So with the help of this mod you can create castle, dungeous,and dragons which are difficult to explore .it is the biggest mod pack that added more than 100 different add-one ensuring favorable game play..

Then you will be able to enjoy a completely revised game, which has different design elements and many features that will absolutely makes fun for you. There are many different changes in the mod pack. It is comes with hand selected mods

.and which each mod is tweaked .another feature is that there are also custom scripts which are added to the vanilla behavior to make sure that all the mods work easily. So due to all these changes you’ll get with the mod pack is a new temperature and heat system.

There are many new weapons, tools and other items are added. So now let’s discuss the steps of downloading RL craft.

Steps for downloading RL Craft

  1. The first step is downloading rlcraft. In which you can find the official rlcraft link .you will find a link on installing the twitch App.
  2. Basically, the twitch app is required in order to install RLcraft.when you find this then click the download twitch button. By this you reach a website where you can click the download for window button .after this the twitch app will start downloading.
  3. When the twitch app is downloaded, then double click on the twitch setup file that you downloaded. this will start the process of twitch setup.
  4. After this click, the install and then the installation process is started. The Twitch app will open, and then sign in to your twitch account.
  5. After this click on the mod tab. Then click on Minecraft. After this click on the Browse all mudpacks.
  6. Then you will see a search option. Then click on this option, and search for RLcraft.when you find this then click on the install button. after this rlcraft will start downloading and installing for Minecraft.
  7. After the installation of rlcraft click on the play button. Then Minecraft will open up. Then sign into the Minecraft launcher. This is the login info that you use in the default Minecraft launcher. When you log in, then you should see RLCraft to the bottom left of the play button.
  8. And at last when you see the play button then click it in the twitch app. and then at this point RLcraft will start opening up in minecraft. congratulations, now you download the rlcraft.