How to remove background in Photoshop

It is not difficult to remove the background in photoshop But there are some steps or rules if you understand properly then you definitely will be able to remove the background in Photoshop.

For this purpose many tools applicable. But the point is that when and how one can use these tools.

In this article there is complete description about all terms. This method help you that how to remove the background using the magic wand tool or quick selection tool.

Mostly for simple background, magic wand tool is selected, while for complicated background you might use background eraser tool.

This method helps you that how to remove the background of simple images using selection and deletion.

Tools Which Needed

 Eraser tool

It is used to remove background in images. Its function is that it sample the colour at the centre of the brush and then deletes pixels of a similar colour as your paint. Background eraser tool ; it is selected from the Photoshop tool box. It may be hidden under the eraser tool. Background eraser tool is set to continous sampling by default.

So for this you can press shift and E.

Tool option bar

It is at the top of screen. And select hard ,round brush. The size of the brush depending on the image you’re working on. On the tool option bar sampling is set to continuous

Quick  selection tool

It work best when there is clear difference between foreground and your background selection. you can find this tool Photoshop tool box.

Pen tool

This tool is used when there is a clear difference between foreground and background. it can create clean selection and delete the unwanted background.

Magic eraser tool

This tool change all similar pixels to transparent by clicking a particular tool.


It has a range of 20-25 percent. It is adjusted according to the image. If you select higher tolerance than it will lead to expansions of colors ranger, that your eraser will select and if you choose lower tolerance than it means eraser will pickup on fewer colour variations.

Now we discuss all those by following these one can easily remove the background in Photoshop

  1. First of all open your image in photoshop.then to remove the background, select the quick selection tool. After this open a context sensitive menu at the top of your workspace.
  2. Select add to selection ,and then you may need to open the brush picker and then adjust the size of brush according to your image.
  3. Then click and drag your mouse to remove the unwanted background. It may be happened that some areas are added to your selection that you don’t want to include.
  • Then hold down the option key to toggle the subtraction mode for the tool, and then click and drag your mouse around the background areas that you want to remove. Once your subject is complete within a selection, you’re ready to move on.
  • When selections is completed, then right click within the marching ants and select Refine edge. The refine edge dialogue can help you fine tone your selection for better results.
  • Then first change the view mode to on white or ant option that contrast with your selection. By doing this you will be able to see the parts of your edge that need the most help.
  • Then increase the smooth value slider to soften the jagged edge of your selection. You may need to adjust additional sliders but smoothing should help the most. Click ok when finished.
  • Now in last step,you can review your result. Then right click within your selection and choose layer through copy. Your selection will assign itself to a new layer sans background without having edited your original photo.
  • When the background removed then you’re ready to create a new surrounding for your subject by using your own creativity.

How to remove white background in Photoshop

There are many ways to remove white background in photoshop.for this procdure many tools are used.The method of using different tools is different but not difficult .it mean it is quite easy and simple to use tools .

The tools which are applicable for removal of white background are listed below.

Quick selection tool, magic wand tool, pen tool,lasso tool,online tool.

Removing the background in Photoshop is not difficult but when the background is white then there effortless to remove. There are many tools but to remove the white background from an image we use the magic eraser tool.

So for this there are some steps involved by concentrating all these steps one can easily remove the white background.

  1. First of all, you select your photo from your folder and open it with photoshop. and then adjust the image in the center.
  2. Secondly, go into the layer panel click on the lock to release it, and turn it into an editable layer. Then give name this layer..and you can make a new layer by duplicating the first and then hiding it by clicking on the eye.
  3. Then select the magic eraser tool in the tool panel.
  4. Then select the tolerance about 30, and opacity;100,and anti-alias; checked.
  5. Then click on the white background with the magic eraser tool. By doing this we can see that our image has a grey shadow that disappears with the magic eraser. And if your image color is light it will also disappear. So for this, you might want to try the background eraser tool instead.
  6. And at the last click on the trim option which is under the image tab. This will cut off the extra transparent bits around the cutout
  7. Save the image as PNG. It because if you save it as a jpeg, then it will save with the white background, PNG keeps the transparency.