How to use elytra in Minecraft


As before we explain the steps that how to use elytra in Minecraft, we first want to tell something about elytra that actually what is it. So we define elytra in some points which are given below.

  • Basically, elytra are wings which are found in end city.
  • They are introduced firstly in the java edition.
  • Their technical name is Minecraft; elytra.
  • it is the plural name of elytron.
  • Elytra is just like the gliders.
  • They are the single source of flight in survival mode.
  • it allows the player to glide from one place to another place.
  • They are like the wings of birds, which fly with the power of magic.

So these are some important points about the elytra.


In real life can you imagine to fly and glid from one place to another place, but in video games it is possible. Minecraft is wonderful it because it offer lots of things which are really enjoyable.

It is minecraft in which player can fly from one place to another place by using elytra. It is a magical power which is given to player to fly in the game.

There are some key points if you read them carefully then you definitely will be able to use elytra in minecraft.

  • Elytra are pair of wings which allow player to fly from high place.
  • They are obtained from end ship.
  • It is always keep in mind that when you want to start fly then always run fast not slow it because when you slowly moves then it may happen that you fall down .
  • When sometime you glid into the water while holding space you will still have the elytra activated.
  • In survival you will end up hurting yourself by the fire work.

How to use elytra in minecraft

To obtained elytra you first need to open your inventory. So start by opening the inventory. Basically to open your inventory depend upon the type of version of mniecraft.

  • To open in Xbox one and Xbox 360 you should press the button yon the Xbox.
  • For the java edition press the E key to open the inventory menu.
  • For the Nintendo Switch, press the X button on the controller to open the inventory.
  • And to open the inventory PS3 and PS4 press the triangle button on the ps controller.
  • For the window 10 edition, press the E key to open the inventory.
  • For the education edition press the E key to open.
  • will press the X button to open the inventory.

Here we discuss that how to put an elytra which depend upon the game mod.there are basically two mods one is survival and other one is creative mod.

In creative mod the elytra is not important but for fun to put it on

 .In survival mod if your inventory is open then you will see the photo of your character with boxes that allow you to change the armour that your wearing.

Then you move the elytra from your inventory to the chestplate box to the left of your character..When you move then you see your character appearance change and it look like your character is wearing a cap. Now you are wearing the elytra in survival mod.

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How to glid with the elytra

  1. When you wear elytra then you need to start gliding from a high place, it because from high place gliding is best .so in next step you runoff from the high place .to open the elytra wings depend upon the version of the Minecraft.
  2. For pocket edition press once on the jump button.
  3. And for the java edition press the space to open the wings.
  4. For will you need to press the A button to open the wings?
  5. ps3 and ps4 press the X button on the ps controller.
  6. For Xbox tap on the A button on the Xbox controller.
  7. And for the window 10 edition, press the space to open the elytra wings.
  8. Now for to start gliding you must need to run fast, because if you slowly run then you have the danger of falling .when you are gliding steer like you normally do.
  9. You don’t need to directly glide into the object it will hurt you.
  10. Congratulation, finally you learn all steps that how to use the elytra in Minecraft.